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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

As the owner of a window tint business, the first question I get asked on Facebook, Instagram or in person is "How much does window tint cost?"

Shopping for a service as specialized as window tint, you will always see a wide range of prices and package deals. Some shops will charge per window, some will charge by the type and age of vehicle.

One thing that is certain is with window tint, you get what you pay for. Many veterans of the industry use the term "Good tint isn't cheap, and cheap tint ain't good" So depending on your budget and the vehicle you are looking to tint the price will vary.

Here are a few tips and questions to ask when looking for a good value when shopping for window tint!

Google / Facebook Reviews

Do some research on the tint shops around you, check their reviews and star rating, this is a quick indication on the customer experience you may have and the quality of their tint installation. but not all reviews may be accurate so take your time to sift through them and also note the response of the company to negative reviews, this will help you see the companies dedication to customer service and quality.

A company with good google reviews may charge more then a company with negative, few or no google reviews, but you will save time and possibly a negative experience by going with a solidly established company.

Window Tint Brand

Most shops will directly advertise the brand of tint film they install, if not you can call and ask. A few reputable brands are listed here:





-Hüper Optik


All these Brands have a proven track record and most offer a film with a lifetime warranty. But just like when buying a new vehicle there are "Good, Better and Best" trim options within the brand, not all product lines within these brands offer the same warranty or performance, so its best to ask not just what brand of tint they use, but also the type or construction of the tint film as this will effect the price of the window tint installation.

Which window tint is the best value for me?

We wont go to far into the different types of window tint in this article, but there are generally 3 types of window tint offered today.

Dyed Tint : This is a entry-level tint, great for those who only have privacy or glare protection as a concern.

Average price for car tint in Alberta Canada - $350 +/-

Metallized Tint : This is a mid-level tint, Good performance for heat control and glare reduction, But may effect GPS, Bluetooth, Cell phones.

Average price for car tint in Alberta Canada - $450 +/-

Ceramic Tint : This is a high performance tint. the best heat absorbing performance out of any tint, optically clear.

Average price for car tint in Alberta Canada - $700 +/-


Warranty is a big plus when looking for a good value window tint and may not effect the price as much as you think. Many shops offer a lifetime manufacture warranty tint but one more good question to ask is what the installation warranty is... the tint maybe warrantied against fade, bubbling, delaminating and so on, but if the installation of the tint doesn't look good, or it peels up a few months down the road, you'll wish you asked, a lifetime warranty film is only good if it stays on the window.

You also may be required to register your warranty online so its not a bad idea to ask that question as well.

The take away is that there are quite a few options for window tint and depending on which option you choose the price will then vary on your car, truck, SUV or van. so best to get out there and ask the questions, read the reviews, and find the tint shop that checks all the boxes!

Happy Hunting!

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