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More than just tinting, Okotoks Tinting offers color change vinyl wraps, printed graphics, signs, decals and stickers! We can provide a customized look for your special vehicle, or signage for your business in a variety of ways: 

  • 3M branded Vinyl wraps in a variety of finishes, sheens and patterns.

  • In-house printed signage 

  • Company graphics and branding your vehicle.

  • Complete color change wraps.

  • Individual decals and custom stickers

From a bicycle to a 53' trailer, we are happy to work with you to create something amazing

Vinyl wraps & GRAPHICS

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How should I prepare my vehicle for a wrap or graphic? 

We will properly clean and prepare your vehicle, bringing your vehicle to us with a fresh wash does help, we will take care of the fine details

Will my vinyl fade or leave damage on my vehicle? 

Proper application and quality products help protect your vehicle, not damage it. 

How should I care for my vehicle for a wrap or graphic? 

We always suggest keeping your vehicle warm after a fresh application. 


What about washing my vehicle? 

Avoid using any abrasive washing, a touchless or manually washing your car is recommended.  Avoid using a high-pressure wash aimed at the edges of the vinyl.